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Welcome to GravityKing.co.uk - Homepage for racer Joel King

Imagine a mountain road; steep, long and full of tight corners. Imagine hurtling down that road on your back at speeds of up to 70mph inches from the ground, with no brakes. This is the sport of Streetluge. More...

Gravity Sports are very dangerous, please read the Disclaimer.

Powered Streetluge Guinness World Record Breaker
2007 IGSA Streetluge World No. 18
2006 IGSA Streetluge UK National Champion

The Latest

Chassis Rebuild
Jago Developments Many thanks to Jago Developments for their help re-developing the Jet Luge chassis for my attempt to regain the Powered Streetluge World Record. Jago have now increased the wheelbase of the steel chassis and are now bonding the new fairing to it.
Jet Engine Acquired
For my record back in 2007 I used a Heward H80 gas turbine which produced 80lbs of thrust. I have now agreed the loan of a 150lb thrust engine for use to regain the record, that's almost twice the power!
Regaining the Record

In the late summer, 2011, my record for the Fastest Powered Streetluge was broken. Jason Bradbury reached an average speed of 115.8mph, just 3mph faster than my existing record. I have now begun work to regain my record in the Spring/Summer of 2012. For more details click here.


Octane Sport
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GravityKing F1
Guinness Book of Records 2009

Having set a new Guinness World Record for a Powered Streetluge in August 2007 Guinness have published the record in the 2009 book, on sale now. The record is under the Action Sports category on page 179 and features the record details and photo.


You can also find me on MySpace at this address: http://www.myspace.com/joelgravityking


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